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What you should know about Vail's Epic Pass

Whether you ski an Epic Mountain at home in Australia or if you've never heard of an Epic Pass, let's take a minute to discuss your options. First, you can ski any mountain in the world as you wish but if you want to play in the Epic World Vail has created then consider these ideas. Buying a season pass has a pay off at about 7 days... so if you plan to ski for more than 7 days look no further. That said, the closer you get to your ski holiday the more expensive the tickets are. We can talk price more later.

Let's talk destinations. If you fly to Colorado you have the largest variety of resorts, and boy of boy is Colorado cool. Everything from grungy mountain towns, amazing local brew pubs and distilleries, local fare, to hip and luxurious resorts with amazing service to enhance for your ski holiday experience.

Utah Ski Resorts on the other hand, might be a little easier to get to, there's tons of skiing in Park City alone, but the vibe is more service oriented and a little less authentic than the Colorado Counter parts.

In California, Wyoming, Montana there are also some amazing resorts, but not the same amount of resort choices from a single airport. Not that you need them thou. Jackson Hole is a standout resort that offers something for everyone, and you can combine a wildlife safari-like experience if you venture into the nearby Yellowstone National Park for geysers, Wolves, Bison, and the bears should be sleeping so it's pretty safe! 

When to plan your  USA Ski Holiday

Everybody wants to hit it just right, like the image above from Crested Butte's Snowmagedon in 2017! But you can't always watch the buoys in the pacific and monitor the swells to time your trip just right now can you?! So we suggest planning a trip from the Christmas Holiday through March when you're going to get the best chance of good quality snow. In general January can be cooler, but offers great values, while February is the traditional POWDER month of the year, and March see copious amounts of snow as well as Spring Break skiers. So depending on your ideas a Rocky Mountain Travel Specialist can help you streamline your plans, dial in your budget, and help you pick the right mountain(s) for your ability and desired experience.

All Rocky Mountain Getaway Travel Specialists have made their own ski safaris, some to distant lands, so we know what can make or break your experience and we value your commitment to planning a trip to ski the fabulous snow in the Rocky Mountains! By the way, did we mention the average snow quality?? In the Rockies our worst day is better than the best snow in many places in the world - no exaggerations, but you'll have to see for yourselves, and we'd like to help you get here! 

Give a call at 866-764-3829 or complete a pricing quote request online and we'll do everything we can to make your next USA Ski vacation the best it can be!



Ginny W.

DavidEverything was great! We could not have had such a smooth, pre-planned Park City ski vacation without your help. We really appreciate all of your help. The kids did AWESOME skiing and we all had a wonderful time full of great family memories!

Thank you!


Steve A.

LisaThanks so much for the follow up, as a fellow sales professional it is always noticed and appreciated! The trip was amazing and everything went off without a hitch, heck, it even snowed the whole time we were there!  You will have a tough bar to get over for next year as a follow up to this homerun! 


Nick Jensen

Elisabeth, You did good work for me and my family. The Retreatia home in Steamboat was perfect. All the pre-work with tickets/rentals and the car is much appreciated. I could've spent a few hours searching the web, but you knew the location and vendors better than I.

Thank you again!

Dan V.

I have to tell you David, I own a real estate sales company with over 55 sales people and my company was # 1 in NJ for all of REMAXs 170 offices for commissions. I tell you that because I have some great sales people and I just wanted to say, you are a great salesperson. You have a great, calm friendly demeanor and your follow up over the years has been impeccable. I have given your name and info to quite a few people over the years and will continue to do so. Kudos on a job well done from one sales professional to another.

Tammy B.

LisaWe had the BEST trip ever!!  We can't wait to go again!!  My husband loved the ski equipment delivery.  We have never done that before but now won't do it any other way.  :) Thanks again for all your help with our Copper Mountain ski trip.  I will be in touch to plan our trip next year!! 


Brenda L.

Jinger, We had a FABULOUS time.  It was great!  I want to thank you for all your help in planning this trip.  You have been a pleasure to work with.  You have gone over and above to answer all of my questions and provide additional information when necessary.  Thank you again for all that you have done for my family and myself. 

Phil C.

We all had a great time in Snowmass and were very fortunate with the snow conditions and morning powder. The mountain wasn't as I remember it as so much has changed since I was there in 1986 & 1997.  We will definitely use your services again and recommend you (David) Down Under. 

Nick from WI

Elisabeth, You did good work for me and my family.  The vacation home in Steamboat was perfect. All the pre-work with tickets/rentals and the car is much appreciated.   I could've spent a few hours searching the web, but you knew the location and vendors better than I.

Dan Campbell

We  had a great trip Breckenridge.  The weather was great so were on the slopes from all day every day of the trip. One of my favorite memories was hanging out catching some rays in beach chairs mid slope at 10,000 feet.  Initially when we started planning for this Ski trip were going make all of our own arrangements.... We decided to call Rocky Mountain Getaways to see what they could offer.... Initially we received several vacation packages to choose from and we picked the one that seemed to be the best for our family. While were on the trip and after whole family felt we could not have made a better choice.  Eric - you and Rocky Mountain getaways made the whole process very convenient easy - We are so glad you we didn't try plan the vacation ourselves.  We will definitely use Rocky Mountain getaways for our next trip out west. 
Thanks for everything you did to make this a great vacation. 



We had a great vacation to Steamboat. The snow conditions were amazing. It snowed every day but one while we were there. Temperatures were good also. The accommodations were great. Very nice unit and extremely convenient. We would definitely stay in this unit again. The staff were very nice and helpful. Your description of the unit and location was spot on.  

Thank you for your help David and I look forward to working with you again. 


Hi Tench,

Next time we plan a ski trip, I will call you as you provided the best service I could have ever asked for! I will write a review on trip adviser, and where ever else I can locate a review opportunity. Beaver Run was the perfect location and all check-in/out was smooth and hassle free. Thank you for your help - we all had a great time and appreciate your attentiveness and help.

Bonnie S.

"From the get go, Jinger had our plans dialed right down to the smallest of details. We arrived, checked-in hit the slopeside hot tub and THEN we knew we could relax and enjoy our annual ski vacation. Thanks for all the help!"

Elena P.

... Just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for such a superb job of reserving and arranging everything for our vacation!