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Flights to USA from Australia

Flights from Australia to Denver International Airport

Estimated travel time to Denver International Airport is 17 hours+. The first big hop to SFO or LAX is the longest leg of your journey and it's a little shorter going home with the average flight time to/from LAX to SYD is 14+ hours. There are very few direct flights and some itineraries could take 40+ hours! Let us help you make the sensible choice! 

What you should know about Vail's Epic Pass

Whether you ski an Epic Mountain at home in Australia or if you've never heard of an Epic Pass, let's take a minute to discuss your options. First, you can ski any mountain in the world as you wish but if you want to play in the Epic World Vail has created then consider these ideas. Buying a season pass has a pay off at about 7 days... so if you plan to ski for more than 7 days look no further. That said, the closer you get to your ski holiday the more expensive the tickets are. We can talk price more later.

Let's talk destinations. If you fly to Colorado you have the largest variety of resorts, and boy of boy is Colorado cool. Everything from grungy mountain towns, amazing local brew pubs and distilleries, local fare, to hip and luxurious resorts with amazing service to enhance for your ski holiday experience.

Utah Ski Resorts on the other hand, might be a little easier to get to, there's tons of skiing in Park City alone, but the vibe is more service oriented and a little less authentic than the Colorado Counter parts.

In California, Wyoming, Montana there are also some amazing resorts, but not the same amount of resort choices from a single airport. Not that you need them thou. Jackson Hole is a standout resort that offers something for everyone, and you can combine a wildlife safari-like experience if you venture into the nearby Yellowstone National Park for geysers, Wolves, Bison, and the bears should be sleeping so it's pretty safe! 

When to plan your  USA Ski Holiday

Everybody wants to hit it just right, like the image above from Crested Butte's Snowmagedon in 2017! But you can't always watch the buoys in the pacific and monitor the swells to time your trip just right now can you?! So we suggest planning a trip from the Christmas Holiday through March when you're going to get the best chance of good quality snow. In general January can be cooler, but offers great values, while February is the traditional POWDER month of the year, and March see copious amounts of snow as well as Spring Break skiers. So depending on your ideas a Rocky Mountain Travel Specialist can help you streamline your plans, dial in your budget, and help you pick the right mountain(s) for your ability and desired experience.

All Rocky Mountain Getaway Travel Specialists have made their own ski safaris, some to distant lands, so we know what can make or break your experience and we value your commitment to planning a trip to ski the fabulous snow in the Rocky Mountains! By the way, did we mention the average snow quality?? In the Rockies our worst day is better than the best snow in many places in the world - no exaggerations, but you'll have to see for yourselves, and we'd like to help you get here! 

Give a call at 866-764-3829 or complete a pricing quote request online and we'll do everything we can to make your next USA Ski vacation the best it can be!