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While these last few months of lockdowns have been necessary for our communities to be able to handle the impacts of the virus, they certainly have been challenging and trying on the psyche. We are simply not meant to be locked in our homes for weeks and months. As the chains begin to loosen and we contemplate the summer to come, packing up the car and getting out of town is looking very enticing. Our spectacular mountain destinations offer the ideal environment to escape the masses and enjoy some quality time with loved ones in a special place where the air is crisp and clean, the surroundings breathtaking, and outdoor adventures abound. 
Some summer vacation planning considerations:
  • Our mountain communities were some of the first to enact aggressive restrictions that helped to greatly minimize the impacts of the virus with minimal cases reported in most mountain destinations
  • Mountain hospitality suppliers have taken the lead in developing and embracing enhanced cleaning standards and policies ensuring our communities, facilities, and accommodations are clean and ready to provide guests with a safe and ultimately enjoyable vacation experience 
  • Summertime in the mountains offers the most inviting environment with temperatures typically in the mid-70s to low-80s, little humidity, and endless blue-sky days
  • Outdoor adventures abound with hiking, biking, rafting, fishing, horseback riding, and a myriad of other activities for you to explore and enjoy the Great Outdoors!


When the 19-20 ski season came to a startling and abrupt end on March 15th, we were all left stunned and heart-broken. Considering the challenges of operating the resorts as the virus spread throughout the country it was clear that the closures were necessary, but it was certainly a tough pill to swallow. Since that day, we have been laser-focused on getting through the virus’ peak effects and learning how best to live and operate in the new environment. We look to the upcoming winter season with great anticipation and confidence that our winter playgrounds will be well equipped to welcome our beloved visitors with a safe and wholesome environment where you can relax and explore our spectacular mountains and the adventures they offer. 
Winter and ski season planning considerations: 
  • Planning your winter vacation months in advance requires great care and consideration of the modified booking policies and cancellation penalties
  • Early booking promotions this year are certain to offer some extreme deals as lodging providers test the waters of the marketplace and look to get reservations on the books
  • Given life’s current uncertainties, the free and personalized service Rocky Mountain Getaways provides will be invaluable as you navigate the new travel planning challenges and obstacles
  • Rocky Mountain Getaways is “in the know” and on your side, we sift through ALL of the noise to provide you with the information needed to intelligently plan your vacation, making sure you get the best deals, the most forgiving policies, and enjoy the safest vacation experience possible
  • If you are concerned about flying at this point, consider a road trip to the mountains! A mountain vacation is worth the drive and there is probably a resort within a 10-14 hour drive of where you live
Whether it is a summer escape or winter adventure, when you are ready to get started exploring your Something to Look Forward To we are here to help you plan an experience that considers your family’s safety and ensures your vacation investment is protected. Our personalized service focuses on making sure you receive the best deals and smartest booking parameters for the most enjoyable and worry-free vacation experience.

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