Ski Vacation Packing List | Planning Tips


We put together a packing list to ensure that every Rocky Mountain Getaways customer is able to maximize their ski vacation. Nobody wants to spend their ski vacation shivering in the lodge because of faulty gear! Please reach out to your sales agent if you have questions about the recommendations on this list. 

  • Waterproof ski pants or bibs. You will want these to fit loosely so you have room for a layer underneath. They should be waterproof or water resistant so that if you fall or if it is a snowy day, your pants don’t retain the moisture from the snow and make you cold. 
  • Waterproof ski jacket. You will want this to fit loosely so you can fit a warm layer underneath. Again, ensure that it is waterproof and will keep you warm! You will want this layer to be windproof as well. GoreTex or other waterproof materials are recommended. Avoid cotton sweatshirts and down jackets. 
  • Base Layer. You will want to wear a warm base layer under your waterproof ski gear. You can wear long leggings or mid-weight to heavy-weight long underwear. Try to wear synthetic materials instead of cotton. 
  • Ski Socks. Long wool ski socks are best for socks. It is best to have a clean pair of socks for each day of skiing in order to keep your feet dry and warm. 
  • Gloves. Make sure you have a pair of waterproof gloves or mittens. Some people choose to wear liners under their gloves as well, which helps wick moisture and keep your hands warm. 
  • Ski goggles. Ski goggles are essential for having clear vision while skiing. They help keep snow out of your eyes and work as sunglasses. The light reflecting off the snow is very bright! If you choose not to use ski goggles, sunglasses typically are a good replacement, although they will not stay on your face if you have a big fall. 
  • Helmet or hat. Many people rent helmets with their ski equipment rentals. These days, many people opt to ski & snowboard with a helmet to prevent brain injury in case of a ski accident. ALL ski school programs REQUIRE helmets. 
  • Hat & buff. These are optional and for extra warmth. A buff keeps your neck warm. Some people choose to wear a hat instead of a helmet or under their helmet for extra warmth. 
  • Sunscreen & lip balm with SPF. Many people forget about sunscreen, but it is crucial! When visiting locations of high altitude and with the sun reflecting off the snow, our skin is more vulnerable to sunburn. Make sure to lather up prior to hitting the slopes! 
  • Handwarmers. This is optional, but some people like to put handwarmers inside their gloves and boots! This will help keep you warm throughout the day. Expect to use 2-4 per day. 
  • Waterproof snow boots. It is important to remember that town will also likely be covered in snow, ice, and slush during your winter vacation. Make sure you have appropriate footwear to walk around in at night after hitting the slopes! You will want these boots to come over your ankles and be waterproof so that you stay warm. If your kids love playing in the snow, it will be very important that they have snow boots! 
  • A sense of adventure! Last but certainly not least, you will need your sense of adventure. Get excited and have fun!