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Vacations should only be positive experiences that go smoothly and surpass your expectations. While this is the predominant outcome of the vacations we plan, it is not infrequent that travelers to the mountains during the winter months encounter challenges that result in things not going as planned. The unfortunate reality of Travel Insurance is that you are investing in a product that is focused on things going wrong before or during your vacation. The beauty of Travel Insurance is that it can make those unforeseen challenges have much less of a negative effect on your vacation. Let’s look at a few scenarios, beginning with the most prevalent obstacle for winter vacations: the Weather. 

We Love the Snow, but...

The first thing to understand about a ski vacation is that there are very different cancellation and modification policies than most other types of vacations. Ski vacations are a large investment requiring travel to destinations that have limited lodging options that typically are near 100% occupied during the ski season. Flights to these destinations, particularly during the more popular travel dates, tend to be at capacity. When the weather causes travel issues you may not be able to reschedule your flights for days, your lodging is non-refundable and there are usually few options for moving your dates due to the full occupancy levels, and many of the components of the trip are non-refundable as well. And it does not have to be bad weather at your destination, a wind storm in Dallas could cause your flight from New York to be delayed or cancelled!

Flights frequently are cancelled and roads close often due to heavy snow and accidents. This turbulent weather can result in delays lasting several hours, days, or even cause the entire trip to be scrapped. Since most, if not all, of the trip is non-refundable, you risk not only missing some or all of your vacation but also losing thousands of dollars. Protecting your investment with Travel Insurance is the only way to ensure you do not miss your vacation AND lose your money.

I Never Get Sick!!!

No one plans on getting sick or a family member who might require your assistance becoming seriously ill. We encourage our children to be active, but sometimes this leads to an injury making skiing not possible. Getting in shape for your upcoming ski vacation can lead to a personal injury, those knees are not what they used to be! Unfortunately, injuries do occur on the slopes. Again, your vacation investment has strong cancellation policies that do not allow for refunds under any circumstances. Travel Insurance will protect your vacation investment should a covered situation occur that results in some or everyone not being able to fully enjoy your planned vacation.

What Else Can Go Wrong:

Your luggage does not make it to your destination. Your rental equipment breaks on the mountain or gets stolen. Heavy snow closes the highway or airport causing you to have to stay an extra night or more. You get hurt on the slopes and need to be airlifted to the closest city for care. The list goes on. Not only do these things happen, they are not uncommon on ski vacations. Travel Insurance does a lot more than reimburse you if you need to cancel your vacation. Depending on the issue and coverage, you may get reimbursed for expenses incurred for a myriad of unforeseen situations that would otherwise would cost thousands of dollars, extreme stress, and greatly diminish your vacation experience.

These are all very real possibilities, we see them ALL OF THE TIME and are terribly upset when our clients' vacations do not go as we had planned. We do everything in our power to help, but are unable to bypass the non-refundable policies of the vacation component suppliers. You can travel dozens of times and never experience a bump in the road. The reality is that it can happen on your first ski vacation or on your 100th; the probability of something happening that negatively affects your vacation and causes financial loss is extremely high when vacationing in the mountains. The money it takes to protect your vacation investment is minimal in comparison to the potential loss, it only takes one trip to realize that Travel Insurance is not an option when planning a ski vacation. Peace of mind is invaluable, especially when you and your family are enjoying one of the most special and memorable experiences imaginable.