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After years of taking the six hour drive from New Jersey to Vermont every other weekend, it was time to make the move. A week-long vacation with my wife in March, house sells in one week in April, and the trek across country at the end of May and here we are! From a six hour drive to a five minute shuttle…getting to the slopes is a lot easier these days. Living in Breckenridge is truly unique, nothing like waking up to 6 inches of fresh powder…and it is June! The summers are short but spectacular with incredible hiking, biking, and beauty. The winters are filled with light, fluffy snow and surprisingly mild temperatures. And let’s not forget the skiing, can’t forget the skiing. To be able to plan wonderful experiences for our clients has truly been a joy, selling something you love in a place that you love makes working a lot easier (especially when your window overlooks the ski slopes!!!!!).